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The Industry behind luxury jets, business jets, air taxis and helicopters is growing and therefore equally the demand for high quality services and products.

Individual Jet Lda is an innovative and cost-conscious company with a Portuguese AOC (Aircraft Operator Certificate) currently in the certification phase.
Founded in September 2014,
Individual Jet develops individual and personalized services and solutions for VIP, private and commercial aviation as well as for customers who need and use this way of transportantion.

The European market still has a great demand on point-to-point business flights but much higher are the expectations in full client's care as well as time and cost saving plans.
It is precisely in this niche that Individual Jet fits in perfectly because we are building a network with specialized teams that allows us to offer a connected and high quality service for our customers at the best possible price.
Individual people, individual needs, Individual Jet..

In Europe, most business and corporate flights start and land on central airports.
Most of the time those central airports are congested aereas which lead to long waiting hours and generate higher costs.

Furthermore, as most people who travel do not leave in close proximity to those airports, a lot of time is spent (and lost) on the road.

Individual Jet's concept is intended to provide the customer with cost- and time-optimized solutions, e.g.:

  • Pick up from a smaller nearby airport or aerodrome
  • Proposal of several solutions to the customer for his journey, taking time and budget requirements into account
  • Transfer from business aviation to an airline for a first class long distance flight
  • Transfer from the airport to the desired final destination by air or by ground
  • Cost and budget transparency at all times, be it by phone, mail or via online customer account

In order to fulfil those tasks, Individual Jet needs:

  • The right aircraft type
  • Partnerships with other companies across Europe
  • Partnerships with travel agencies specialized in first and business class travelling.  




Whether you need to get to a meeting, fly on holiday with your family or often need to travel on business matters, Individual Jet helps you to find the easiest, durable and economical convenient way for your journey. You can trust us that we have your best interest in mind.
Individual Jet wants to offer the smartest, fastest and most economic way for flying private.
Our clients will have access to the IJ AOC fleet and the fleets of partnership companies.
This allowing us to have the appropriate aircraft to cover the client's needs, regardless of whether he starts his trip from an aerodrome, a regional airport or a hub.

For our customers this means to be able to travel fast, safe and comfortable...all at reasonable prices.
Our cost effective system allows companies to better control their travel expenses and budget them accordingly.

Customers with a transfer from business aviation to an airline flight benefit from short transfer and waiting times at the airport if the entire flight is booked and organized by Individual Jet.

Frequent flyers additionally benefit from exceptional flight hours packages.

Part-NCC (Non-Commercial Complex aircraft operations) an EU regulation, has been introduced by EASA (the European Aviation Safety Agency) to progress safety standards for privately operated turbojet aircraft. Part-NCC requires relevant aircraft to operate proportionally to similar standards as commercial air transport operators.

Today’s increasingly complex regulatory environment means that an experienced operator's comprehensive knowledge and understanding of new rules is imperative for the delivery of a safe and legal operation. We are pleased to work with and consult aircraft owners, advisors, pilots and flight departments to ensure aircraft operations are adapted to meet the requirements dictated by the Part-NCC regulation.

Individual Jet & Partners are able to deliver customized and customer-oriented solutions that make all difference in quality and economical aspects. Our clients can be assured that their asset lies in the hands of trusted and experienced aviation business partners.



Our customers (whether private persons or companies) own airplanes because they have high mobility requirements.

Our daily challenge is to accomplish the extraordinary.

Select an ownership agreement with full-service management for your aircraft and experience a new level of safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our consulting begins with the purchase of your aircraft, because only with a model that fits your precise needs, high consequential costs or limited mobility can be avoided. Our consulting services also include economic operation and, if needed, the optimum marketing of your aircraft.


We ensure cost-efficienct solutions for your aircraft

With Individual Jet you benefit from possible savings in maintenance, insurance, jet fuel purchases, handling costs, approvals, inflight catering, crew assignments and more.
Upon request, our sales team can manage the ideal chartering of your aircraft to selected third parties.

Individual Jet efficiently ensures, that you draw the most value from your investment.

Thanks to our comprehensive process transparency, based on customer-specific reporting systems, you can be assured that your aircraft will be operated under best economical conditions.

If your initial intention was not to integrate your aircraft into a commercial AOC because it is N-registered or because it is a slightly older aircraft but technically and visually still in perfect condition, we offer you the possibility to integrate your aircraft into Switzerland-based Individual Jet Club.

The aircraft will be flown by club members which allows you to finance or even to lower your overhead aircraft costs.

The team at Individual Jet Club is striving to market your aircraft for the most possible flights.

As an aircraft owner, you will always receive a report and credit note for all operations of your aircraft.  


We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have regarding Individual Jet and its services on offer.

Please feel free to contact us at our main office in Zurich or get in touch with our management team.

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